7. WHY WE Discreminate amongst human beings.? God is omnopotent and omnipresent. There is equality and equal protection before the God.He is for the all followers of different religoin. He does not discreminate amongst the religion.he behaves equilly to all human.there is concreate evidence in the sopport of this statements.He rains for all, he blows air for all, he give sun rays for all, he give water for all,oil for all, natural resources for all,froot for all, grain for all, animal for all, blood are same,body orgain is same,voice is same, weather for all, climate for all,universe for all,ocean, seas,river,mountain,jungle, trees for all,desease and epidemic for all.
God has not made religion, caste,community, cult, Haman has made it, therefore he has discriminated in these things. In the things made by God , there is no discrimination.

जल, जॅगल, जानवर,जमीन को बचावो,
Power is never the property of individual, it belongs to a group and remains in the existence only so long as the group keeps together.
By Hannaha Ar

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